French Tuesdays Oscar Viewing Party 2•28•16

There really is nothing more beautiful than spending a beautiful day in a beautiful room full of beautiful people with beautiful souls watching beautiful people win beautiful gold statues. I’ve always loved the Academy Awards…in fact, you could really say I’m a fanatic. I suppose that’s kind of interesting considering that I am not part […]

Burlesque Brunch 1•24•16

I had the pleasure of attending Burlesque Brunch this past Sunday hosted by Dollhouse Entertainment at my new favorite hotspot Sofitel Hotel. The Sofitel in Beverly Hills has been killing it lately with a string of refreshing and entertaining nights that make me rush to tell the world about them–and Burlesque Brunch was no different!

Thanksgiving Road Trip

I am a firm believer that no matter what disrepair your family is in, that it is necessary to have at least one holiday tradition that you continue to participate in every year. Now this can range from a simple “Grandma’s surprise birthday party” to Christmas dinner to Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving has always been that tradition […]

Jazz Night At Riviera 31 11•23•15

It’s Monday again…sigh. Well not really sigh. As someone who does not work in the corporate world, I don’t actually mind Mondays–in fact, I love Mondays. Mondays are the draggiest day we have in West Hollywood. You can saunter over to the Abbey Bar and Grill and watch Andy Santiago’s LipService featuring local delights such […]

Huge Gay Brunch 11•22•15

I’ve never really been one for brunch. I’ve never really understood the purpose. When I lived in Manhattan for a brief stint, it was all the rage. My friends gushed that I had to walk over to W 4th, hop on the F, and take it to some obscure restaurant in the Lower East Side […]