French Tuesdays Oscar Viewing Party 2•28•16

There really is nothing more beautiful than spending a beautiful day in a beautiful room full of beautiful people with beautiful souls watching beautiful people win beautiful gold statues. I’ve always loved the Academy Awards…in fact, you could really say I’m a fanatic. I suppose that’s kind of interesting considering that I am not part of the film industry in any way. Every year, though, I hunker down and watch every Oscar buzz movie in hopes that I can retain my title and guess most (if not all) of the winners correctly. One year, this led to me winning a tray of Chick-fil-a nuggets–a prize worth more than any golden statue. Last year I threw my own party at my house and retained the winners trophy. This year I thought “heck, let’s switch it up and actually attend a Hollywood viewing party.” French Tuesdays was having their annual Oscar viewing party at the Sofitel and as you have come to realize, I’m fallen in love with everything that is the Sofitel–especially the chic bar where the viewing was to be held, Riviera 31. So I put on my big beauty queen pageant hair, my most dazzling dress, and a stitch of makeup and rode off into the Oscar bliss (well, I won’t say that the ride was blissful because in fact their were street closures every other block).

I arrived to much fanfare and was asked to walk the red carpet, much to my delight! C’mon Cinderella! But Cinderella has her flaws and just like her I too have mine. The moment I stepped out into the sun my eyes started watering. My eyes water every single time I wear makeup. When will this end? What are the cures? Am I allergic to the eyeliner I’m using? Is is merely the sun? Is it the wind? WHO KNOWS. But they water. Luckily, right before the photographer on the red carpet was a lovely makeup touch-up site hosted by RMLA #ReemaBeauty! So, I plunked my padded behind down in their chair and let the talented women fix my bottom liner and thank god for them!
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I met the beautiful Reema herself and I was amazed by her products and the aims of her company. Be sure to check #ReemaBeauty out because you’re in for a treat! Once touched up, I made my way down the red carpet and entered a beautifully orchestrated viewing party. I dined on what is becoming a large part of my diet, delicious food made by the Esterel, and drank my vodka sours gabbing with two of the kindest souls I’ve ever encountered in my life who were celebrating their first outing as new roommates! Unfortunately, my Oscar luck ended when Mad Max went into a winning frenzy and my ballot was busted. Thanks Mad Max. All-in-all I had the time of my life and I can’t say that i’ve been to a better viewing party (and listen, my own viewing parties are no joke!)
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