Thanksgiving Road Trip

I am a firm believer that no matter what disrepair your family is in, that it is necessary to have at least one holiday tradition that you continue to participate in every year. Now this can range from a simple “Grandma’s surprise birthday party” to Christmas dinner to Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving has always been that tradition for me. So this year on Thanksgiving, I rallied the troops (including the little shibes who had never been on a road trip before) hopped in the car and embarked on the trek to the wonderful Third Circle of Hell, also known as Las Vegas.
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We left Los Angeles around 8pm PST. Unfortunately for Jordan, I do not drive…so he was going to have to drive all 5 hours on his own. We were 70 miles out of Los Angeles and Sarabi had still not begun to stop shaking because in her short time alive, the car has always meant a trip to the vet or the dog park and she was betting her dinner on the former. I tried to settle her down but nothing worked. It was until after our pitstop in Barstow that she finally decided to just lie down and sleep. Eevee, in contrast, was on high alert the whole ride. She wanted to see all the lights, all the mountains, and all the tumbleweeds we passed. Upon our arrival at the Westin, one of the only pet friendly hotels off the strip, it was 1 a.m. It was officially Thanksgiving and I was already regretting my decisions to continue the family tradition of getting together for thanks. We trotted up to our room and cuddled the dogs until we slept. I can’t imagine a vacation without my pups again.
image1 (5)Now if I am being completely honest, my favorite part of Vegas is the “stripping money” filter that SnapChat provides. Yes, I guess I am a true millennial. Thanksgiving was a beaut. We met up with Jordan’s family, had a wonderful meal, and engaged in the traditional Thanksgiving conversation of politics and religion. Our Vegas trip concluded with a trip to the Frank Marino Divas show. Frank, unfortunately, was ill and was unable to attend–something they didn’t tell us until 40 minutes into the show…which I found a slight bit unprofessional. His stand-in Brian Keith was brilliant though so I guess I don’t really know if I missed out on seeing Frank or if the stars aligned and I was blessed with seeing Brian. Either way, I fully enjoyed the show Brian put on. The rest of the show, however, I can’t say I found too entertaining. Perhaps it’s the sheer number of drag shows I’ve seen at this point or just the lack of energy from the performers. Larry Edwards brought the show but that did little to bring the stock of the show up. That was until Brian Keith came out for his solo number, Charles Aznavour’s “What Makes A Man”. This number ripped me apart and put me back together again; this number was a true tour de force. I recommend you check it out on Youtube. We were scheduled to leave early Saturday morning and that’s when allllll the holiday drama begun. Our car tire pressure read low, so Jordan being the extremely handy man he is, capped the car to adequate levels. Unfortunately, the flat tire light was still lit. “Oh great, there’s a nail in the tire,” I thought. We went to three different tire repair places, all closed. Now two hours behind schedule we thought should we get another night in Vegas or press our luck with the tire. We lucked upon a 7-Eleven that had an actual working air pressure machine (two other gas stations before did not) and Jordan filled all the tires back to industry standard. AND BOOM! THE LIGHT DISAPPEARED. And so we started our departure back to Los Angeles. Standstill traffic was our reward. We finally made it home 7 hours after our journey began and all I can say is: Next year, Thanksgiving is at our place.

Las Vegas: ☆☆☆☆☆
Seeing Family: ★★★★★
Westin: ★★☆☆☆
Frank Marino’s Divas: ★★☆☆☆

Oh and it was in the 40°F range the entire time. Fuck you Vegas, fuck you. In the end, I am incredibly thankful to have had the opportunity to spend another holiday with my family, my extended family, and the good fortune that no real harm came to any of us. Love the life you live kids. Love it.

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